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How to be competitive in your company

”Behind a successful company someone once made a bold decision”

(Peter Drucker)

How to Lead a Team
  • It is not the same to do one job individually than to lead a team of people. When moving into a management role for the first time, you need to understand what motivates people to be committed, and how to create a pleasant environment for workers to grow and develop in their professional life.In Araland Business we do leadership development so the managers in your company can make their teams become more committed and engaged to achieve results. We do this through coaching, assessments and training.Becoming a leader means to understand how to inspire people and manage yourself to be able to achieve successful results leading other people.


Boosting motivation and engagement
  • “Management is nothing more than motivating other people”, said Lee Iacoca. Employees in contact with the final customers of a company cannot get them to repeat purchase or recommend the company if they aren’t motivated to deliver their best in customer relations.Even though your people has all the expertise in the world, if they aren’t motivated, it’s very unlikely that they’ll achieve their full potential. And if we have a differentiated business strategy, we also need to have a differentiated employee strategy.One of the areas of work of Araland Business is to look for innovative and appropriate ways of motivation to the culture of each company for its growth. Araland Business helps your Management team or your HR Heads with ideas and workshops to create motivation plans that respond to the needs of the people, and bring results to the company.

Successes: Hexacath

Enhancing Business Strategy
  • Less than the 10% of the best formulated strategies are executed. And the 95% of workers don’t understand the business strategy.Araland Business uses executive coaching to encourage business leaders to express their ideas and convey the business strategy so that everyone in the company owns it. It is about aligning teams so that everyone shares the responsibility to grow and learn together by contributing the best of each one. With it managers learn to tap their employees potential while leading more strategically.We have business strategy experts in our team that can help your management team define a successful business strategy. We combine Design Thinking approaches with our coaching experts and internal communications experts. Lou Gestner said that the highest competitive companies are the ones that have communicated their business strategy crystal clear.


Team management
  • Do you know how good are your management skills to enhance team-work? In Araland Business we offer motivational actions and teambuilding actions but also team coaching with development plans to encourage and motivate people so that they can achieve motivating results and continue improving the business competitiveness.Araland Business’s approach is to analyze the strengths of your team and create spaces where their routine is broken and your team members can reflect on their performance challenges from another angle to find more growth opportunities.Araland Business adds up follow-up tools to our team-building actions to keep a track of how motivation flows. We can also combine it with performance and 360º assessments.


Building team synergies
  • If your company needs their work teams push in the same direction, communicate effectively with each other and establish synergies that allow them to get more with less, we can help you.Araland Business enables clients to develop their empathy and establish alliances and productive synergies inside and outside the company. We work through team coaching, providing our clients with tools to develop teams and spaces where they can create productive dialogues between them.
Negotiation strategies
  • We train and coach leaders to develop their negotiation skills for them to either overcome internal conflicts, or to establish new alliances that provide the company with positive results.Sometimes our clients ask us for coaching to help them lead with difficult management situations.
    Our approach varies, depending on the situation. Sometimes we can facilitate negotiation and mediation processes, or coaching the leaders to do that on their own.

Successes: Pmasters (Novartis)

Business Growth
  • Executive coaching helps companies to grow and become more competitive, regardless of their size or the market they are in, because it motivates people and they increase their commitment to the company.If your company aims to grow, you might need to develop the leadership of your people, both managers and employees.We think that processes and technology are accelerators, but these can be imitated and copied. On the contrary, people are the only inimitable asset, and our growth and development is key to making the company become a leader and differentiating from others. Investing in people is a wise decision that can contribute to your business growth.At Araland Business we are committed to the business growth of our clients. We facilitate leadership assessments, leadership development programs and executive and team coaching. We also try to boost your business growth by analysing your company’s culture and helping you create learning environments where innovation is fostered.

Successes: Girbau; ABM

Innovation and differentiation
  • Innovation is a source of growth for the company, as it can help entering new markets, develop new ways of relating to customers or offering new products. In Araland Business we work on user-centred business innovation, through Design Thinking and Service Design.Both methods combine the best of your team’s analytical thinking with their creative thinking. We also deliver training sessions on business creativity and Lean Start-up, Agile and Scrumm.

Successes: ABM

Culture of innovation
  • A company that wants to improve competitiveness, innovate and differentiate itself from its competitors needs to create a culture where error and learning are allowed. If you wish to foster innovation in your company you also need to understand the key players and the type of relationships in the game, to be able to innovate.At Araland Business we have tools to assess your corporate culture innovation’s potential and help you identify the key players and internal and external relationships of your company. We can help you create the internal dynamics that allow you to develop innovation in your company, so that it is compatible to leave the comfort zone with success and results.

Successes: ABM

Drive change
  • We live in a changing and complex business environment, in a world where there are more people and fewer resources. Companies that have been able to adapt to change survive and lead the market. For example, only one company that ranked fourth in 1998 in world market capitalization remains third in the world ranking by market capitalization in 2016. The rest of the companies have fallen from the ranking and others have appeared in scene. What will be the scenario of the future? To be there and answer that question then we need to transform companies internally and learn how to respond to external challenges and to uncertainty. We need to look for alternative growth paths, relying on innovation, identifying “blue oceans” and connecting with new trends. But all of this must be done by people. People have emotions and expectations, strengths and limitations, who will succeed in implementing the changes in the company. We need employees to commit to change and to drive it effectively.


Digital transformation
  • The future of organizations (and their present) is digital. Millennials, digital natives, IOT, Big Data … just to name few of the trends that are changing the way of doing business, are generating new opportunities. But also, the digital age is changing the way an organization relates to its stakeholders, the way of working and the type of talent to face these unprecedented challenges.
    The speed of change is important, as well as deciding what strategy is appropriate and what are the tools to help us in this new scenario: Design Thinking, Agile, Lean Start up, Scrumm, Gamification, Apps, but also new leadership models and motivation packages. It is about moving from being an organization engaged in the digital to being a digital organization.