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FINCAS COMA JUAN – Succession planning at a family business

FINCAS COMA JUAN – Succession planning at a family business

Fincas Comajuan is a small family business in the Real State industry located in Mataró (Barcelona). They have a long history of success with lots of happy customers and an outstanding business know-how.

Its business model is about property admin, both residential and industrial. Fincas Comajuan contacted us to develop with us a project for succession Planning.

For that, we conducted a series of workshops aiming at facilitating a strategic conversation among the partners, to drive ownership change and to provide them with a fresher business perspective to face digital transformation challenges in their industry.


ALPI ASSOCIATION – Change management and internal organization to fight Covid19

ALPI ASSOCIATION – Change management and internal organization to fight Covid19

Alpi Association is 50 years old and it’s devoted to assist, develop and facilitate the social integration of functional diverse people and mentally handicapped.

Given that Alpi’s primary goal is to assist people, it’s undergone the effects of the pandemics, since they are one of the essential services and had to keep open during generic lockdown.

From Araland Business we have accompanied Alpi’s different teams thru 8 events, all with the goals of:

  • Taking care of caretakers
  • Developing internal communications
  • Aiming to build a collective leadership culture to impact on Alpi’s community.

The takeaways of the series of events have been highly appreciated by them, since they contribute to facilitate dialogue and co-create a positive working atmosphere to go for the second wave of covid19 rebound affecting the area where Alpi’s site is located.

The events also were useful to propose several alternatives to move them towards a creative organization cultura and effective communication practices for the teams.

FERRER – Change Management in the Management Board

FERRER – Change Management in the Management Board

We have helped the Management Board in Ferrer Spain to develop its creative leadership in a moment when the company was going through a business transformation. Ferrer is a pharmaceutical multinational company.

This project had two parts: first we conducted a Collective Leadership Assessment at the board level, followed by several workshops facilitated by Araland Business with the goal of enhancing alignment among the different business areas.

Second we carried out a teambuilding supported on art and painting, with the help of Daniel Berdala, our art consultant. In this session the power of art facilitated internal communication, self awareness and harmony among the leaders. These paved the way to strategic agreements in the business side.

Dori-Dori: A sweet assembly line. (Barcelona)

Dori-Dori: A sweet assembly line. (Barcelona)

Dori Dori is a Catalan company that produces pastry and confectionery on successful BTB operations to food distributors in Spain.

In 2018, they requested Araland Businesss support for a project to improve their production line, through the Lean Manufacturing and Lean Startup methodologies, in order to become more efficient and improve their customer service.

We carried out two training and co-creation actions, after which a multidisciplinary team made of Founders, Maintenance managers and Human Resources in Dori-Dori, focused on the problem until they came up with innovative ideas, which they later transformed into innovative prototypes.

ABM. Talent and Innovation’s strategy development to promote business growth. (Girona, Catalonia)

ABM. Talent and Innovation’s strategy development to promote business growth. (Girona, Catalonia)

  • ABM is an engineering company specialized in water engineering, civil engineering and construction, located in Girona, and that operates throughout Catalonia.
  • Project’s Goals: To facilitate the transformation of the company
  • Year 2016-17
  • Sector: professional services in the field of civil engineering

ABM is a small company that has been transformed on several occasions since it was founded in 2000. Firstly, to respond to its growing number of clients. Then, to face the crisis in the construction sector that affected most of its customers and most recently to respond to the challenge of digital agenda.

In 2016, Araland Business began working with the company’s leadership in a process of development of the business’ strategy and innovation, which we branded “EiI”. This project had as its basic goal to empower all the employees and involved them in the strategic change processes the company needed to take.

On a previous phase, we prepared the team for the innovation processes. We then carried out an analysis of the 360º leadership culture of the teams and also different workshops and individual meetings in order to co-define a new way of working that could foster innovation and the development of internal talent.

On a second stage, we covered a scoping and ideation workshops and meetings to focus on growth opportunities and prepare “prototypes or pilots” to test new lines of work.

Currently, our collaboration with ABM is still on-going.

According ABM’s director, Robert Mas, the first “EiI” results have been very positive. “The work process has allowed us to generate awareness in the whole company’s team about the need to innovate to adapt to the market and to make Sustainable business. Besides, EiI’s program has led to the emergence of new leaderships together with changes at the organization level, suggested by the professionals themselves. This program has allowed us to generate a dynamics of strategic analysis from which different business proposals that are being worked on to create new business lines “.