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Executive Coaching,  360º- DISC and  Teambuilding  globally

Executive Coaching, 360º- DISC and Teambuilding globally

  • Manufacturers and distributors of industrial laundry machinery at the global level.
  • Objective: To develop managerial leadership in the central (Vic- Cataluña) and in the subsidiaries with the highest turnover of the group.
  • Project scope: global, in countries such as: Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany,Mexico, Central America, Latin America, United States, China and Australia.
  • Years 2008-2017
  • Sector: Capital Goods

“Think global and act locally”.

Girbau is a company that manufactures and distributes industrial laundry machinery on a global basis. It has its headquarters in Vic (Barcelona) and subsidiaries all over the world. Araland Business entered into this project with Talent People Development, a consulting firm led by Vincent Joseph, who had been working as a strategic HR consultant and teambuilding for the company since 2008.

Since 2015, we have implemented a project together with Girbau's HR management and the total involvement of the company's owners in order to develop management leadership in three continents (USA, Europe and Australia). The project has consisted in the analysis of the leadership profile of the top management and the middle managers through 360º tools and DISC. In addition, we have done consultancy in HR, Teambuilding actions and executive coaching, accompanying the process of growth and expansion of Girbau.

Leadership culture,  360º, Design  Thinking

Leadership culture, 360º, Design Thinking

  • Leading company in the water management, civil engineering and construction industries, based in Girona (Catalonia)
  • Project’s goals: To promote the company’s transformation.
  • Years 2011-17
  • Sector: Civil Engineering and Services

In 2011 ABM called us to accompany them in their talent development processes. In 2016, we began working with the management team to develop Abm’s employees leadership and innovation culture internally. There, we have carried out 360-degree teams’ assessments and delivered innovation consultancy, through sessions of ideation and co-creation of the company’s strategy. We are working on change management and helping the company evolve to develop its full potential.

ABM is a very efficient small company, agile, innovative and able to adapt to the millennium challenges, in terms of people, economic and the environment.


DISC, Leadership  Development and  Communication

DISC, Leadership Development and Communication

  • Technology business with headquarters in Barcelona and Girona.
  • The project aimed at Improving communication with customers and drive business performance. We facilitated training activities and team coaching events. Carried out between 2012 and 2015.
  • Industry: Technology and services

José Ramón, TAAF’s general manager, contacted us on several occasions, one of them to accompany his team with an event to celebrate the business 15th anniversary.
After training, Jose Ramon stressed that all are more committed, to understand the work of other departments, and better customer oriented.

Motivation and  Compensation

Motivation and Compensation

  • Company of the catering sector, market cuisine.
  • Area: Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona).
  • Objective: Align the kitchen team with the needs of the company and the clients, and motivate and retain the key talent.
  • Years: 2017

In Vulcano Restoration we have implemented a motivation program based on variable remuneration for the kitchen team, with the objective of aligning the team with the vision of the company and boosting its business growth. At the same time, it was intended to provide the chef with tools to motivate the team and improve communication.

We have also collaborated in the selection of personnel, providing candidates for the different vacancies.

Laura Cespedosa collaborated in this project as a consultant, both in its definition and implementation.

Leadership, Innovation and Change Management

Leadership, Innovation and Change Management

  • Project’s goals: leadership development, innovation and change management.
  • Scope: Primary care staff in the Lleida area (Catalonia).
  • Sector: Health
  • Dates: 2014-2016

According to the ICS data, the health status of people is determined up to a 14% by the quality of primary care. That is why ICS invests in the training of its health personnel constantly, not only in medical or health contents, but also in management skills and continuous improvement. Since 2014, we have trained the primary care staff in the province of Lleida (practitioners, nurses, midwives), first hand in hand with Sural Consultores, and currently as Araland Business.
We have accompanied them to develop the leadership of the section chiefs in primary care, we have trained them in techniques to promote innovation within primary care teams, and in stress management and emotional intelligence at the workplace.


Training in Design  Thinking and  Creativity

Training in Design Thinking and Creativity

  • Project’s Goals: to provide tools of strategic innovation to the business community within Catalonia.
  • Industry: Public Administrations
  • Year 2016/17

Araland Business has been included into the Diputació de Barcelona’s official training catalogue (Recull) for year 2017. (
This is a training catalog with contents suitable for the local businesses and entrepreneurs offered by the Diputació de Barcelona through local agencies, to promote the development of the local business community.
Araland Business offers two training activities: Design Thinking Tools to innovate and grow in the company (T / IN31), with the objectives of providing the most current tools to promote innovation within the Catalan SMEs and to learn to innovate with user-centered approaches. The second action is “Creativity for entrepreneurs” (SE / IN34), and aims to: awaken the inner creativitity in the attendees; Remove barriers to creativity, provide tools to conduct group creativity sessions and acquire keys to drive creativity into action plans.