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What we do

Our approach is based on: strategic innovation, leadership development, change management, digital transformation, communication and entrepreneurship.

Strategic innovation          Leadership Development          Change management          Digital transformation          Communication          Intra-preneurship

Innovation strategies and methodologies


“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” (P. Drucker)

We are experts in bringing innovation to the heart of your company: your employees and your customers. Through user-based methodologies and market learning, such as Design Thinking and Service Design, we can co-create solutions tailored to your company’s challenges.

For example, we help you understand what a customer feels like when they contact your company to find out a solution to their problems, and then translate their needs into innovative solutions. We facilitate ideation and co-creation meetings with your teams and stakeholders. We help you validate your hypothesis as to whether your customers would want “that” new service before going on the market and assessing their potential value. Fast learning processes.

But if you prefer to carry this out with your team, we can also deliver you training in Design Thinking approaches. We are Design Thinking certified consultants by Darden (Univ of Virginia).

And if your company needs to change its own culture to become more innovative, and let ideas flow through the “innovation pipeline”, you can help you assess your culture’s innotation potential and inner innovation pathways. We accompany your transformation with our approach to change management and leadership development.

What results will you likely get?

You will be able to go ahead the market challenges, with a creative and innovative work culture, more motivated employees, and deliver services and products more valued by your clients. You’ll also get a differentiating know-how that you will be able to replicate in plenty of situations and challenges.


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Talent and leadership development


“Leaders are made” (Araland)

 We help your teams to make your company grow, and develop at their peak potential.

If you are promoting the best employees you have into management positions you can count on our support. We’ll help them understand and focus on how to develop their strengths. We’ll do that through our assessments, and by establishing effective plans, with different stages and objectives.

If you are looking to foster an entrepreneurial work culture to drive changes, we can help you spot where there are bottlenecks, and identify who are the most influential people to drive action.

We combine gamification, case methodology, art approaches, emotional intelligence all in in-company and at outdoor events. Our programs are designed to respond to the seven types of intelligences and bring results.

And if you need to delegate talent management , you can trust we can become your external HR partner.


Which results are you likely to get??

More committed employees and management, more satisfied customers and better performance in the market place.

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Driving change


“Changing is easy, you only need to say yes to it” (Araland)

We help your employees share the need for change and learn how to transform the business.

If you need to adapt your company and make changes in your organization’s structure, in your “delivery” or in your strategy, we can provide you with our external vision about what your change curve is in your company, what are its breaking factors and how to accelerate the change in a sustainable way. To achieve this, we combine different assessment tools with interviews, and our know-how.

We accelerate your change process through motivation plans, internal communication plans, executive coaching, specific training and new approaches on how to structure the flow of work.

Throughout the change process you will know how we are progressing at all times, because we’ll establish indicators that will help you learn quickly from mistakes at low cost, and because we’ll provide you with tools to monitor on-time motivation within your teams.

What results can you expect?

An intense and continuous development in your teams, company growth and a more enhanced commitment from your customers.

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Digital transformation


“Pressing a key is easy. But knowing which key to press, that takes years of learning. ”

We help you understand how Blockchain technologies, Cloud, AI, IOT, or cybersecurity can pose you challenges to overcome. Thanks to our partnerships we can provide you with technology implementation but our main focus will help you transform your business from processes to people.

The digital transformation can reach your products, services, how to relate to your customers or your internal organization. We can facilitate your digital transformation on the culture of your company that responds to the interests and needs of millennial employees of the digital generation, your internal structure, your systems of work, recruitment of talent with digital skills, and make your products and services are in line with the degree of digitalization of your company and your employees.
Our approach   is based on a diagnosis of the processes and people and to provide those improvements and technologies appropriate to each specific case

What results will you get?

A business ready to compete in the VUCA era.

Vertical Communication


Who can commit to something they do not know?


We believe that communication should be a part of the transformation strategy, that’s why it’s planned for in all our projects and it is considered one of the key success factors for the transformation strategy.

our plans for change and innovation, and the new products and services for your clients, your talent development programs, have a great value, that is why they must reach your clients and the rest of the stake-holders. How can someone else commit or buy something they do not know? For your team and the rest of your company to “buy”, get involved and promote innovation and change projects, you need to deploy customized communication campaigns internally and to other stake-holders.
We help you promote internal communication programs, create an internal brand of your projects and take care that your brand is perceived by your customers with more value. An experience of years in the field of People Management and Communication help us choose the best communication strategy. In our approach we include ethnographic research to bring you insights from your customers perception.

What results will you get?

Better employer branding, more commitment to your employees and greater approach to your consumers.

Proposals for Intra-preneurship


“A group of five people can change the world.”

Entrepreneurs can transform reality, seeing opportunities where others see problems and launching action plans without fear of failure. This is what we have learned by accompanying many of them, and what we propose to cultivate in the company culture, whatever the age of your staff. We help you to detect entrepreneurial talent within your company walls and to strengthen entrepreneurial skills in the rest of your teams, to help you promote change and innovation projects from within. We rely on assessment centers to detect the potential and in organizational learning programs. We can also provide you part-time entrepreneurial talent to boost key projects.

What will you get with it?

More motivated, autonomous employees, an agile culture and you will gain time- to the market.